Business Operations Training

This page contains recordings of trainings done by the SOM Business Operations staff. Questions may be directed to the Business Operations trainer. Clicking the links will take you to a recording of the training stored on our Yuja platform.

Invoice Holds & Encumbrance Release Overview - FY 24

Recorded in June 2024. Click the links to go to the specific section of the video.

Travel and Entertainment Training Video for Fiscal Year '25

Held on March 19, 2024, this training addresses travel entertainment expenses and reimbursements. 


  • What's New in Business Operations
  • Ticket System Best Practices

Before Booking Travel

  • Concur Profile Set Up
  • Concur Homepage Navigation
  • Travel Policy Reminders

Travel Requests & Booking

  • Setting Up a Pre-Trip Request
  • Finding or Registering Guest Traveler Profiles
  • Acting as a delegate in Concur
  • Booking Options

Tracking Expenses during travel

  • Creating and Submitting an Expense Report

Entertainment & Events

  • Entertainment Pre-Approval process
  • Performance Agreements
  • Independent Contractors

Payments & Reimbursements

Procurement Training for Fiscal Year '24

Held on Oct. 18, 2023 the training was developed to help faculty, staff, and students understand and apply the basics of procurement. Learners can get an idea of how system changes, since the implementation of Impact23 and how roles and processes have been affected.


Procurement Basics

  • Impact23 Terminology
  • Procurement Roles
  • General Procurement Options

Ordering Goods & Services

  • PCard
  • ServiceNow vs. Oracle

Creating a ServiceNow Procurement Request

Creating a Requisition in Oracle Financials

Invoice Processing

  • Invoice Holds
  • Receiving Items