Proper Use of UCR School of Medicine & UCR Health Logos

The visual branding of the School of Medicine and UCR Health has been developed consistent with the shared UCR identity – a unified brand that enhances campus communications and marketing objectives. As visual symbols of the medical school identity, these logos should not be altered by changes in proportions, colors, relative relationship of design elements (“lock up”) or by special effects.

Logos should not be altered or locked up with new taglines or other design elements, which in effect would create an unofficial new logo. For additional guidance, visit the Creative Design Services' Standards website.

Department-Specific Marks

Biomedical Sciences Logo

For the School of Medicine marks, it is also possible to develop a “department-within-department” version, as illustrated at right.

For assistance or questions, contact Ross French or Paulina Laroya. Questions regarding usage of the UCR Health logo can be directed to Stacy Griffis.