Contracts Office

The UCR School of Medicine Contracts Office is responsible for a variety of contracts, including:

  • UME and GME affiliation agreements
  • Professional service agreements
  • Third-party payor agreements
  • Tuition agreements
  • Internal MOUs
  • One-time LOAs
  • NDAs
  • Settlement agreements
  • CSPC agreements
  • Gift/funding agreements
  • BAAs

The office does not review research agreements, agreements for grants, and most procurement agreements. If uncertain of which SOM Department an agreement should be processed, feel free to reach out to Contracting and the Department will provide instructions.

When do Contract Requests Need to be Submitted to CobbleStone?

  • When a new contract needs to be drafted or reviewed.
  • When an existing contract needs to be amended or renewed.
    • The contract request must reference the existing contract ID.
  • When a provider is being added or removed from a contract via the provider update form.

ContractrRequests are to be submitted into the current contract database program:

Go to UCR SOM Cobblestone
•    Medsch credentials are required.
•    If access is needed; please contact the SOM Contracts Office.

Completed Contract Requests

A completed contract request contains:

  • The proper legal name of the external contracting party, found on the W-9 or copy of the statement of information
  • The contracting party's contact information
  • Length of agreement, including the effective date and expiration date of the agreement
  • Summary of the obligations of UCR and the contracting party
  • Stark form
  • Associated UCR physicians
  • Applicable department(s)
  • Projected start date
  • Financials, such as signed Proforma, service rates, invoicing terms, etc.
    • FMV assessment is required for agreements valued at $250,000 or more annually. Make sure the SOM P&L Form is approved and signed before submitting applicable contract requests.  
  • The proposed agreement as a Microsoft Word document, not as a PDF (for contracts drafted on the affiliate’s paper).
    • If the request does not contain an attachment of an agreement, contracting will assume that the contracts director and/or analyst is expected to draft the agreement or amendment on applicable UCR standard templates unless instructed otherwise.

When is a Contract Ready for Signature

  • When all Internal parties have reviewed the contract and agreed to all changes.
  • Approval indicated on contract review form (CRF).
  • CRF is sent with the agreement to the dean to inform her that internal approval has been obtained.
  • When the opposing contract party has reviewed and agreed to all changes.

Policies for External Signatures

  • If requested by internal, SOM Contracts can send via DocuSign.
  • UCR SOM only accepts two forms of electronic signature: DocuSign and AdobeSign.
  • If affiliate does not use electronic signatures or requires wet signatures, SOM Contracts will route accordingly and inform the external party to provide two copies of the agreement with original wet signatures to provide to the dean for signatures.

Signing Contracts Internally

Generally, once SOM Contracts receives partially executed agreement with external party’s signature, contracting will send to the dean for signature via DocuSign (unless wet signature is required).

The dean will not sign any agreements that come directly from external parties.

Accounts Receivable (AR) Summary Form 

The Accounts Receivable Summary Form (AR Form) is only required for agreements with compensation for SOM services.

The form should be completed by the FAO and reviewed with the AR department at the time the contract is with the department during the department review stage.