Expedited Contract Process

This process outlines the requirements and responsibilities for requesting and processing an expedited contract using a standard template.

The expedited contract process may be used for contracts that are drafted on UCR-approved standard templates. The review process goes in the following order:

  • Contracting
  • Sub-business owner
  • Senior leadership
  • External

If the external group makes changes that require compliance and/or legal review, the agreement will be sent to those departments.

Approved Standard Templates

  • AAMC affiliation agreement
  • Master affiliation agreement
  • Program letter of agreement
  • Reverse master affiliation agreement
  • One-time letter of authorization
  • CBE agreement
  • Professional services agreement
  • Hospitalist agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Settlement agreement

This list is also referenced on page three of the pdf document linked below.

Download the Expedited Contracts Process as a Graphical Workflow


  • Start Expedited Contract Process
    • Requester enters complete contract request and upload all required documents into iContracts.
    • If complete information is not supplied, Contracts Office will return the request to the requester with a list of required information.
  • Review Process

    Contracts Office

    • Contracts office receives contract request on a UCR-approved form.
    • If request is incomplete, contracts office to return application with list of required information.
    • If request is complete, contracts office to create redline draft.

    Redline Draft 1

    • Send redline draft of the contract/amendment along with Contract Review Form (CRF) to compliance office for review and approval, with cc to the FAO. (mandatory)

    Sub-Business Owner Review (SBO Review)

    • The contract and/or amendment along with the CRF is sent to sub-business owner for review (mandatory).
    • Business owner completes, signs, and returns CRF to contracts office.

    Redline Draft 2

    • Contracts office reviews and redlines the contract and/or amendment (Draft redline 2).
    • Send to CEO, CFAO, and Office of Risk Management (if necessary).

    Senior Leader Review

    • CEO and CFAO completes, signs, and returns CRF to contracts office (mandatory).
    • Contracts office reviews and redlines the contract and/or amendment (Draft redline 3).

    Redline Draft 3

    • Contracts office reviews and redlines the contract and/or amendment (Draft redline 3).
    • Send to affiliate for external review (mandatory).
  • Approval Process


    Not Approved - Redline after External Review

    • If not approved, review and update with sub-business owner and applicable approvers.


    • If approved, prepare final document and send to external party for execution.(mandatory).

    Internal Signatures

    • Authorized approver reviews and signs, then returns to contract office. (NDAs only can be signed by the CEO. All other contracts must be signed by the dean.)
    • Request completion of contract summary from FAO.
    • Complete contract summary and return to contracts office.
  • Active


    Send notification email with:

    • Copy of completed contract.
    • Contract summary form.
    • Contract notification form.
    • Send final executed copy to affiliate.